July 17, 2011

Spring True Top 50

The numbers are in, so it's time to take a look back and see what was really a hit this past spring. Here's the Top 50:

Once again, please keep in mind this listing is based on our unique methodology, which you can always read more about here.

So what did we learn? First, an update on my track record. With regard to new items only, my track record is 6-4-4. I got six wrong (yeesh), four right and four didn't count for one reason or another.

Ones I got wrong: Dream Look, Swivel Store, Fast Brite, Pocket Chair (No. 13), Raptor Strap (No. 6) and Pet Rider and PetZoom Loungee (although I did call the lead dog).

Ones I got right: The Rack (No. 7), Easy Reach, Miyashi Pillow and EZ Moves.

I did not review Furniture Fix, so that's not included in these results. I also did not take credit or dock myself for HD Aviators and Pack It because I was "on the fence" for both. And I am reserving judgment on Shed Monster even though I gave it a bad review. Why? The review hasn't even been published yet, that's how new it is, so some other strategy must be in play if it already made the chart.

Next, I am announcing that Allstar Products is my new True Top Marketer. Allstar had six hits in the Top 50 this spring, four of them new items (Easy Reach, Swivel Store, EZ Moves & Pocket Chair). Telebrands was a close second with six hits in the Top 50 as well, but only one of them is new (Pet Rider). IdeaVillage is third this time around with five hits, two of them new (HD Vision Aviators & Miyashi Pillow).

This is the first time Allstar has been No. 1, so congratulations to them!

Finally, Hutton-Miller easily re-takes the top spot and True Top Producer with NINE hits in the Top 50. Four of those hits are new.

This is an all-time record number of hits for one producer on the True Top 50.

Congratulations to John and Peter! Number two on the list is Blue Moon Studios with six hits, two of them new. There was no third place this time around because the next closest producer only had two hits, both of them old.

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  1. Are you planning on reviewing Cut-n-Cup? Would love some feedback before I buy. Thanks! Barbara