March 02, 2021

True Top 10 (February 2021)

Last month, I promised to release my much-anticipated 2020 True Top 50. Well, it's taking a little longer than expected, but I promise it will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, here is your True Top 10 for February 2021:

  1. Cool Turtle
  3. MicroTouch Titanium Trim
  5. Copper Fit Never Lost Mask
  7. Bionic Spotlight
  9. Flawless Salon Nails
  11. Finishing Touch Flawless
  13. Hempvana End Tag
  15. Guardwell Face Protector
  17. Flawless Cleanse Spa
  19. Copper Fit Ice Knee Sleeves

IdeaVillage continues to dominate with seven of the top 10. Telebrands' pandemic product takes the top spot. Emson's No. 1 product from last month drops into fourth place.

Source: AdSphere™ brand rankings for the last media month.
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Never Lost Face Mask

Description: A reusable face mask with lanyard
Pitch: "Never lose your face mask again"
Offer: 19.99 for two gray ones
Bonus: Two blue ones (free)
Brand: Copper Fit
Marketer: IdeaVillage
Producer: Blue Reef
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Hempvana End Tag

Description: A skin tag remedy
Pitch: "Put an end to ugly skin tags at home"
Offer: $29.99 for a bottle
Bonus: 2nd bottle (just pay a separate fee)
Brand: Hempvana
Marketer: Telebrands
Producer: Bluewater
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