August 02, 2021

True Top 10 (July 2021)

Still pretty slow. Most of the top campaigns from last month remain at the top. They just shuffled around a little.

Here is your True Top 10 for July 2021:

  1. Arctic Air Pure Chill
  3. Copper Fit Ice Knee Sleeves
  5. MicroTouch Titanium Trim
  7. Copper Fit Never Lost Mask
  9. Copper Fit Energy Socks
  11. Gotham Steel Stackmaster
  13. Copper Fit Compression Gloves
  15. Lucinda's Kitchen Spurtle
  17. Viviscal
  19. Bell+Howell Bionic Spotlight

Ontel's new Arctic Air takes the top spot. IdeaVillage's Copper Fit is still the No. 1 brand in the Top 10.

We have seen a lot of campaigns, some of them older, jump into the Top 10 list for a month and then disappear. Last month, it was two older campaigns (Avento's Hearing Assist and Eagle Eye's Hydro Mousse). For fun, I took a quick look at where those campaigns fell last month.

The answer: Hearing Assist dropped all the way down to No. 98 (from No. 7 last time), and HydroMousse dropped to No. 19 (from No. 5).

Source: AdSphere™ brand rankings for the last media month.
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