October 22, 2010

Weekly Round-Up

Time for a little "fall cleaning." Here are 17 quick reviews of campaigns that have been sitting in my folder for a while.

  1. Chef Basket. Pitch: "The 12-in-one kitchen tool for dozens of everyday uses." Marketer: Telebrands. Comments: This one could do well. The only problem is the multiple functions. Always hard to get across in two minutes. [a]

  2. Comfy Control. Pitch: "The new dog harness that combines comfort with control." Marketer: Telebrands. Comments: The problem/solution is weak, and I don't think this one is different enough from what's already in pet stores to break through. [a]

  3. Comfy Cot. Pitch: "Raised pet bed perfect for all cats and dogs." Marketer: Telebrands. Comments: The issue here will be perception. A cot is a makeshift bed used for camping, etc. For everyday use, why would a pet owner downgrade their pet from a bed to a cot? [a]

  4. Criss Angel. Pitch: "Over 250 MINDFREAKS that you can perform." Marketer: IdeaVillage. Comments: This is the second recent attempt to sell magic on DRTV (Fushigi was the first). It's too early to tell if the experiment is successful, but this one has the best shot given the powerful brand behind it. Otherwise, I have mixed feelings. For kids, I think magic could have the necessary "wow" to work. For everyone else, the odds of success are low. [a]

  5. Happy Caps. Pitch: "Lock in freshness and get a spill-proof pour every time." Marketer: Telebrands. Producer: Blue Moon. Comments: Many packages already have this feature built in, and this category hasn't been good on DRTV. [a]

  6. Hinge 'N Hang. Pitch: "The instant clothing rack." Comments: Simply "tap out your old door pin"? Ouch. This one is DOA. [a]

  7. Ideal Umbrella Stand. Pitch: "The most versatile and best made beach umbrella stand anywhere." Comments: Narrowly targeted. Seasonal. Weak problem. This one had no shot. [a]

  8. Kickin' Ink. Pitch: "Tattoo sleeves ... let you have fabulous tattoos in an instant." Comments: Wrong demographic for DRTV -- and a sure way to get beat up for being a "poser." [a]

  9. Lift 'N Fix. Pitch: "The ultimate system for fixing your sagging upholstery." Comments: This item isn't very exciting, but it meets the criteria. It could become something. [a]

  10. Magic Crisp. Pitch: "Turns your microwave oven into a magic, food-crisping machine." Comments: Items like these worked years ago, but I'm not sure they have the same cachet today. [a]

  11. Motato. Pitch: "Say 'no' to boring old potatoes." Comments: Sully's pitch is better. [a]

  12. My Scent. Pitch: "Refillable atomizer for your favorite perfume." Marketer: SAS Group. Producer: Blue Moon. Comments: Some women think refreshing their perfume during the day is overkill, so this wouldn't solve a problem for them. Otherwise, the campaign meets the criteria. [a]

  13. Pocket Chair. Pitch: "The chair that fits in your pocket." Marketer: Adam Jay. Comments: I don't see the need for this one. I can't imagine people carrying this around just in case they need a chair. And if it's a "planned need" (beach, fishing, gardening), they'll probably buy something more substantial. [a]

  14. Scrub Glove. Pitch: "Clean easier, clean faster." Comments: Combining two cheap, easy-to-find cleaning items isn't a winning strategy in my opinion. [a]

  15. Vibra Toes. Pitch: "The world's smallest hypoallergenic flexible foot massager." Marketer: Telebrands. Comments: This is a vibrating version of an earlier Telebrands campaign (Pampered Toes) that didn't roll out. I doubt this new feature is going to make a difference. [a]

  16. Yonanas. Pitch: "Dessert anytime that's just bananas." Comments: Know what's really bananas? Trying to sell a $50 product that makes banana desserts on DRTV! [a]

  17. Zip Do Combs. Pitch: "The most comfortable way to hold your style all day." Comments: Hair products are a 1 in 50 category on DRTV. For every Bumpits or EZ Combs, there are 49 failures. I don't like those odds. [a]

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  1. "Lift 'N Fix" looks like about $2 worth of vinyl soffit material, the "unique interlocking design" has been around the siding business since the aluminum days.
    Interesting use of a similar product