June 07, 2021

True Top 10 (May 2021)

It's June already, so let's take a look back at last month and see who topped the spending charts.

Here is your True Top 10 for May 2021:

  1. MicroTouch Titanium Trim
  3. Copper Fit Never Lost Mask
  5. Arctic Air Brella Shield
  7. Bell+Howell Bionic Spotlight
  9. Copper Fit Ice Knee Sleeves
  11. Bell+Howell Bionic Floodlight
  13. NutriChopper
  15. Granitestone Blue
  17. Bell+Howell Tac Shaver
  19. MicroTouch Solo Titanium

Emson pushed IdeaVillage out of its position of total dominance, grabbing five top slots last month. IdeaVillage still occupied four slots, including the top two.

That's right: Together, these two marketers accounted for almost every campaign in the top 10. Only Ontel managed to join them with a new hit perfectly timed for the summer season (Brella Shield).

Source: AdSphere™ brand rankings for the last media month.
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Arctic Air Brella Shield

Description: A windshield umbrella
Pitch: "Keep your car cool even on the most blistering hot days"
Offer: $19.99 for one with carrying case, free shipping
Bonus: Double the offer (just pay a separate fee)
Brand: Arctic Air
Marketer: Ontel
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This came out a few weeks after Allstar's Brella Shade, which is also in rollout.

The original Arctic Air was a portable cooling device that was No. 5 on the 2018 True Top 50. Since then, Ontel has also released Arctic Air Ultra and Arctic Air Pure Chill.

Bionic Floodlight

Description: A solar-powered floodlight
Pitch: "Showers a super span of light, right where you need it"
Offer: $29.99 for one with free shipping
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay a separate fee)
Brand: Bell+Howell
Marketer: Emson (2020 True Top Marketer)
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This is the third Bionic light Emson has released. The others were the original Bionic Light and Bionic Spotlight, which was No. 9 on the 2020 True Top 50.

MicroTouch Solo Titanium

Description: A razor-like electric shaver
Pitch: "Trims, edges, grooms and shaves any hair anywhere"
Offer: $29.99 for one
Bonus: 3 grooming guides (free)
Brand: MicroTouch Titanium
Marketer: IdeaVillage
Producer: Blue Reef
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This is a line extension of the original MicroTouch Solo, which was No. 3 on the 2019 True Top 50.

May 14, 2021

Silver Lining Update

Back in October, I wrote about the pandemic's 'silver lining' for DRTV advertisers: record-breaking sales. The post was about a report from DRMetrix showing that during and after the quarantine period of March to May, the top marketer increased spending by an eye-popping 1,420% over the previous year and “increases of 300% to 400% were not uncommon.”

Now comes a new report from DRMetrix covering all of 2020. It finds that spending on all short-form products increased more than 55%. This is especially good news since spending in the category had been sliding, tumbling more than 26% the year before (click the chart above).

“It’s amazing when, during a huge media disruption, you have one sector of the industry that has 20/20 vision,” says Joseph Gray, CEO of DRMetrix, in a new blog post about the study. “Performance-based television advertisers could see what was really happening with their TV advertising investment and KPIs in real time down to the network, daypart, and creative level. What they discovered is that response levels were at an all time high while media rates were at an all time low. Moreover, performance-based television advertisers could measure that consumers were still responding, engaging, and buying.”

Check out the full Covid Edition report for more information.