October 23, 2014

Comeback Wrap

Even The Honeymooners love it!

Description: A compression back wrap
Main Pitch: "Helps relieve the pain from stress on your back"
Main Offer: $19.99 for one
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay separate fee)
Marketer: Telebrands
Website: www.ComebackWrap.com
Prediction: On the fence

Give credit to Telebrands for leaving no stone unturned in a category. Despite recently testing Royal Posture (a superior solution to this one) and making several unsuccessful attempts with other back-pain solutions (e.g. Total Posture/Sit Right), they aren't afraid to keep trying.

On the other hand, Telebrands has had success with compression wraps (Ankle Genie) and slimming wraps (Slim Away, a 2011 and 2012 True Top Spender) -- and slimming is the secondary pitch for this item.

It's a long shot, but it's still a shot.

[Spot is also available here.]

Foot Angel

Description: A foot compression sleeve
Main Pitch: "Helps relieve foot and ankle pain in seven different zones"
Main Offer: $12.99 for one
Bonus: Double the offer (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Ontel
Website: www.BuyFootAngel.com
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

This product is similar to Telebrands' Ankle Genie, a True Top Spender for the first half of this year. Even more intriguing, Ankle Genie was originally called Ankle Angel.

Is this a sanctioned test? An Ouroboros strategy? Both?

Whatever the case, I am going to go with "there's only room for one." This is too close to Ankle Genie, and Ankle Genie is too recent, for this to be successful. In 7-10 years, however, this could be an excellent choice for a revival of the concept.

[Spot is also available here.]

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Cuplettes. Producer: Infomercials Inc. Pitch: "Premium silicone bakeware that easily allows you to bake a fillable hole into any of your favorite foods." Comments: This is a beautifully shot commercial with all the special hallmarks of this producer's unique style. However, similar products have been tried without success (see Brownie Derby, Fill 'N Flavor). [ss]
  3. Hans. Marketer: Will It Launch. Pitch: "Clean to remove the grease germs call home plus polish and shine." Comments: Another terrible product idea. Only extreme germophobes would even consider buying this. For everyone else, the pant-leg solution (shown in the opening of this commercial) suffices just fine. [ss]
  5. Kitty Clean Mat. Marketer: Spark Innovators. Pitch: "Amazing new litter-catch mat stops litter in its tracks." Comments: This product is similar to (although better than) Ontel's Kitty Catch Mat, which I will be reviewing in the upcoming November issue of Response. Sneak peek: I don't like the concept because shedding cat fur is a bigger problem and has yet to produce a hit. [ss]
  7. Wooltastic. Marketer: Lenfest. Pitch: "All-natural reusable dryer balls that soften your laundry and eliminate wrinkled messes" Comments: Ontel's Dryer Balls was a major retail success circa 2006. Allstar's Mister Steamy was a 2010 True Top Spender. This product has elements of both but isn't as good as either. [ss]

October 22, 2014

SciMark Report from October Response

Body art is the latest duel

My latest SciMark Report in print is now available on the Response Website.

The items I reviewed include a duel between Allstar's Hot Jewels [ss] and IdeaVillage's Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos [ss], Ontel's Big Vision [ss] and Telebrands' Security Sleeves [ss].

I experimented with using survey data to inform my opinions in this column. Let me know what you think of the approach.

Coming Soon

In the upcoming November issue, I'll be covering the following new projects:

Check out the upcoming issue to see what I have to say about those projects.

October 16, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

Prediction: Hit!

  1. Janimals. Marketer: Jay At Play. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "The wearable stuffed animals." Comments: This is a great product with tons of play value and maximum "pester power" potential. The creative is, of course, excellent and features a super-catchy jingle. Finally, this marketer/distributor is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunity. This one's a layup! [ss]
  3. Air Bead Cushion. Pitch: "Perfectly contours to your bottom for comfort and support." Comments: Air bead cushion? Whoopee cushion is more like it! It's not quite that bad, but the sound this makes is certainly embarrassing and will be a barrier to purchase. Otherwise, this is the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow idea applied to the Forever Comfy concept, which should give it a decent shot. [ss]
  5. Cheese Tease. Pitch: "The exciting new electronic cat toy that makes your kitty jump for joy." Comments: Yet another ill-fated attempt to replicate the success of Cat's Meow. Yet another free data point for the rest of us. [ss]
  7. One Pan. Marketer: Spark Innovators. Producer: Kerrmercials. Pitch: "Three different meals made at the same time with just one pan." Comments: Hearthware tried a variation of this idea with its L'ovenware silicone bakeware back in the spring of 2012. They called it the "twice as nice divider tray." (You can watch the pitch here.) At the time, I thought there might be something to the idea. But upon further consideration, I find it hard to imagine two things people would want to cook together (and that would cook properly at exactly the same temperature and cooking time), let alone three things. [ss]
  9. Under Light. Marketer/Producer: Zoom TV. Pitch: "Motion-activated accent lighting for your home." Comments: Zoom products have higher-than-average odds of success, and this creative does an excellent job selling the product and making it look high quality. That said, the product is an LED light and thus finds itself in one of the worst Siren categories in the industry right now. On a side note, I may have detected a theme ... Zoom's Aqua Rug is based on a product made for yachts. This pitch is all about replicating the kind of accent lighting found in "million-dollar designer homes." Someone has been shopping for ideas at the One Percenter Store! [ss]