December 21, 2011

Review: Monkey Bags

Description: A bag that keeps bananas fresh
Main Pitch: "You'll never have a banana go bad again"
Main Offer: $10 for one bag
Bonus: 2nd bag (just pay processing)
Marketer: Telebrands
Prediction: Bomb

First, let me say that I'm impressed. I would have thought it impossible to create an entire two-minute commercial just about bananas.

Second, I am going to avoid mentioning the 800 lb gorilla in the room (get it?) and just say: There's a fine line between good DRTV cheese and bad DRTV cheese (see Magic Thimble), and this commercial crosses that line. It's hard to identify the exact moment the creative went too far, but I'd have to say it was probably when the ape gave a testimonial.

Third, if it were possible to get past the creative and just evaluate the product on its merits (it's not), I would be just as negative because of the "segement of a segment" problem, and the fact this is roughly 1/16 as useful as a Green Bag. No one has been successful at replicating Debbie Meyer's success, and I don't see how narrowing the uses to one was supposed to buck that trend.

Finally, a note to all DRTV creative people: The phrase "space-age" isn't cool or meaningful anymore. It's been more than four decades since we landed on the moon, and we don't even have a space shuttle program these days. The Space Age is clearly over. I only mention this because way too many DRTV scripts come across my desk with that retro phrase in them.


  1. As a mom with a family that does waste alot of bananas (can't always catch them fast enough for banana bread!)...I like this idea!

    If they were right next to the bananas in the store, my husband or I would surely purchase!

    For some reason, a weird pet peeve of mine is standing in produce trying to fiddle with the stupid, flimsy produce bags and squeezing in the bunch of bananas to begin with...and the bright yellow color would remind me to grab this before shopping!

    Leaving the bananas on the counter attracts fruit flies in the summer..but putting them in the fridge unprotected makes them instantly brown on the outside and no one will eat them.

    Banana trees get bumped and broken or will break your bananas!

    We don't buy Debbie's Green Bags because we don't have problems with the other produce going bad before it's used during the week.

    Hope it makes it to retail! Now I'm gonna go sing the Banana Boat Song!

  2. They should have shown the Monkey Bag being placed inside of the fruit and veggie drawer instead of making it look like it takes up a huge amount of space in the refrigerator.