February 28, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Jiffy Fries. Marketer: Edison Nation. Pitch: "The fast, fresh, easy way to make perfect fries every day." Comments: My first instinct was to compare this to Perfect Fries and predict "unlikely to succeed." But this is more than a fry cutter: It's also a fry cooker. Even the way it cuts seems more likely to succeed now that Chop Magic is in rollout. It's another microwave product -- normally a negative -- but I've been wrong about potatoes in the microwave before. Official prediction: On the fence. Excellent creative, incidentally, which can only help. [ss]
  3. Breathe Active. Starring: Brian Fasulo. Pitch: Expands "your air intake up to 70% ... while significantly decreasing snoring." Comments: This is a 'better than' Breathe Right and more of a retail item than a DRTV item. [ss]
  5. CeramaBrush. Marketer: Eagle Eye. Producer: Monte-Brooks. Pitch: "Ceramic straightening brush straightens hair twice as fast for twice the shine." Comments: The category history for hair brushes isn't great, but there has been the occasional rollout. [ss]
  7. ComfiShape. Pitch: "Ultra comfortable shaping leggings with attached skirt." Comments: This item is more fashion choice than problem solver, so I'm not surprised it was a 'fast fail.' [ss]
  9. Simoniz Eyeglass Polish. Pitch: "The fast, easy way to clean, polish and condition eyeglasses." Comments: This one has powerful competition. [ss]
  11. Gripeez. Pitch: "Reusable gripping pad lets you hang any object anywhere in just seconds." Comments: Credibility is the problem here as the failure of two similar items (Jerry Hook, Nano Hooks) demonstrated. I also think it's less useful than those other products were. [ss]
  13. Hydro Heel. Producer: Classitech. Pitch: "Get rid of rough, dry, cracked heels in minutes." Comments: This has been tried on DRTV before (see No. 2 in this Weekly Round-Up) without success. [ss]
  15. Juice Wizard. Pitch: "Separates peel and fiber for instant pure, fresh juice." Comments: Juicers have done extremely well in long form at high prices, so a value-priced juicer has a decent shot. On the other hand, taking something that's typically powered and making it manual hasn't been a successful strategy. I'm thinking about manual food processors such as the Kitchen King Pro, for example. [ss]
  17. Kleva Edge. Starring: James Cheney. Pitch: "Opens all cans quickly and easily without the mess and without the stress." Comments: If a truly 'kleva' product such as the One Touch Can Opener can't make a comeback, I don't think this Safety Can revival from Down Under has a chance. Solid pitch work, though. [ss]
  19. Rocky Mountain Knife. Starring: Thom Buck. Marketer: Spark Innovators. Pitch: "All the strength and tools to help you survive." Comments: The 80s called ... They want their knife back! (HT: Radio Shack) The short name/URL for this is "Rocky Knife," which is ironic given that this is a classic Rambo knife from 30 years ago. I had one and loved it. Hey, Stallone is making movies again, so you never know! [ss]
  21. Seat Tweener. Pitch: "Prevents dropped items (in your car) from becoming lost items." Comments: I submit that any time you find yourself saying or writing "it's a frustrating annoyance," you should stop and reconsider the project. Painful problems generate the impulse to buy. Anything less and your odds go way down. Not to mention: This has already been tried -- twice. See Kleva Catch (No. 8 in this Weekly Round-Up) and Drop Stop (in that post's comments). [ss]
  23. Sleep 8. Pitch: "Eliminates 100% of light and blocks out ambient noise." Comments: This will only appeal to a segment of a segment, which makes the odds of success very low. [ss]
  25. Snuggle Case Pets. Pitch: "The soft, on the go smartphone case for kids." Comments: Cute idea that meets a need, but there are a lot of solutions to the problem already on the market. [ss]
  27. Super Back. Marketer: Spark Innovators. Pitch: "In shower, rinse away back hair removal system." Comments: There's a lot of gross factor in this commercial, but that isn't always a bad thing (see Ped Egg). More to the point, hirsute males are a segment of a segment. [ss]


  1. Gripeez sold out its entire test order run in six days and has been picked up by top three in retail before the Chicago show..other products cited are solely picture holders and use standard pu-gel for adhesion. Gripeez is a custom lab formula two years in the making. It works for mobile devices, wall art and hanging seasonal decorations...you mention the other two "hooks" offers more? That throws your entire synopsis out the window..how does a hook stand up against tape alternative ??? Apples and bananas.. the market will tell in time.

    1. We measure success in CPOs, not sell-outs. There is technically no such thing as sell-out on DRTV. When I see Gripeez on my True Top Spenders list and/or in the set at the major retailers, I'll stand corrected. Until then, good luck ... As for your last point: This "apple" sure does look a lot like a banana. The only perceivable difference is it doesn't have a hook, but then two of the four demos shown at the bottom of your Web page feature hooks. Another of the four is copying Ruggies. So, there is very little that is original here.

  2. Jordan your evaluation of the Seat Tweener is right on the money. Why don't newbies to the industry do their homework and read your blog??

    How about it Gripeez dude?

    1. Well first off I'm a women. Your assumption I'm a "dude", because this is in the DRTV world is very sexist. That said I have 15 years in the industry and like I said before, the market will decide. Expect to see us on retail shelves within 90 days.

  3. I ordered the Jiffy Fries for my wife. She was eager to get it, hoping that the easy use would be as advertised. I longed in a week or so later to check the status, only to see a claim that I had cancelled the order. I had not. So I called and when they found my order, they said it was cancelled because it was no longer available. Leaving my wife to bemoan and complain that she never gets what she wants. Not sure Jiffy Fries is trustworthy after this experience.