March 23, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Click N Stay.Producer: Harvest Growth. Pitch: "The ultimate solution to keep your dog in his seat, so you can be safe and secure in yours." Comments: I have the inside scoop on this one, so I can't make a prediction. However, I will say that I've liked this product idea since IdeaVillage and Hutton-Miller tested Doggie Seatbelt. [a]
  2. Headache Escape. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Fast-acting, all-natural topical cream ... gives quick relief without dangerous side effects." Comments: This spot tries to convince the viewer that Tylenol, Advil and every other best-selling brand of pain reliever on the market is actually doing more harm than good. The Web site is already down because it's always a bad idea to try to sell people a solution for a problem they need to be convinced they have. [a]
  3. Jerry Hook. Marketer: Allstar. Pitch: "The amazing new handy hooks that attach to any wall, anywhere instantly" and then "they just peel right off." Comments: This one's been down for a while, but I missed it. My take: Cool idea, high credibility bar. Hooks also have a mixed track record on DRTV. I can't think of a hook hit since Hercules Hooks (No. 22 on the JW Annual for 2007). [a]
  4. No Curl Collar. Marketer: Stella Brands. Pitch: "Keep your shirts - polo, golf, sport, dress, work, casual, men, women & kids - looking fresh all day." Comments: Another candidate for worst item of the year. [a]
  5. Zippy Vac. Pitch: "Turns any resealable zipper bag into a vacuum bag." Comments: Amateur hour, and it's been tried several times before. [a]

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