May 03, 2021

Granitestone Blue

Description: A set of nonstick pans
Pitch: "The fast, easy way to cook gourmet family meals every day"
Offer: 4 pay of $49.95 with free shipping
Bonus: 3-piece steamer/fryer set, 5-piece bakeware set (free)
Brand: Granitestone
Marketer: Emson (2020 True Top Marketer)
Producer: Hutton-Miller (2020 True Top Producer)
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The first blue pan is DRTV history was IdeaVillage's Yoshi Blue, which became one of the True Top Spenders of 2012.

In 2018, The Cookware Company launched its Blue Diamond pan and has put out three line extensions since then, including a griddle and a "Dutch oven" pot.

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