September 24, 2015

High Spy Drone

Description: A quad copter with onboard camera
Main Pitch: "Get ... to places you'd never reach with your camera
Main Offer: 2 pay of $19.99 for one with charger, 2GB mini SD card, etc.
Bonus: 2nd one with all accessories (just pay a separate fee)
Marketer: Telebrands
Producer: Bluewater
Watch the spot

This one is a total flyer (smile). I supposes there's a DR case to be made using the success of Spin Master's Air Hogs line -- they even have a quad copter -- but this pitch isn't anything like that. Rather, it more tries to draft off the adult hobbyist trend with a category-killer price. But just like that poor man's GoPro Telebrands tried (wait, is that the same alligator?), this project faces a major credibility challenge.

S7 Analysis: As with the previous product, I also wonder about the targeting here. Something tells me very few older folks are into drones. The same could be said of women, another key DRTV buying group.

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