September 24, 2015

Solar Flats

Description: Solar-powered landscape lights
Main Pitch: "Turn your boring backyard into an exceptional landscape"
Main Offer: $10 for two
Bonus: Two more (just pay a separate fee)
Marketer: Telebrands
Watch the spot

This might have been an Old Gold feature as it is close in concept to a 2006 Emson hit called Bell + Howell Solar Floodlights (still available here). The twist here is the lights "sit flush with the ground, so they're always out of your way." Enough time has passed for this Phoenix to rise again, so this project might have a shot. Of course, people will really have to buy into the flat-light benefit for competition not to be an immediate problem.

Another negative I should mention: The absolutely dismal track record of lights lately. Back in 2006, lights were all the rage. That's the same year Telebrands' Stick Up Bulb rolled out and Ontel was having its run with an updated Tap Light called Stick 'N Click. Today, lights top my list of categories to avoid. That said, there is some indication that landscape lighting might be an exception, so I'll take a wait-and-see position on this one.

S7 Analysis: I thought the original Bell + Howell product violated the needed criterion, so I have the same issue with this project. Other than that, it stacks up pretty well.

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