December 11, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

  1. PressTastic. Pitch: "The fast, easy way to steam, crease and wrinkle release right on the hanger." Comments: I like this one a lot. The DR history is promising (a similar item called Steam Buddy was a 2008 hit), the commercial and demos are excellent, and the offer is very strong. That's all the right ingredients for DR success. [ss]
  3. BedRenu. Pitch: "Restore your old mattress to better than new." Comments: This is the Furniture Fix idea applied to beds. Not a bad idea: Furniture Fix was a 2011 and 2012 True Top Spender. Let's see if there's a category here. [ss]
  5. CoverAge. Starring: Jerome Alexander. Pitch: A "unique under-eye concealer and treatment all in one." Comments: In terms of driving a CPO, cosmetics don't work in short form. Of course, there may be another strategy at play here. [ss]
  7. HydroMousse. Marketer: Eagle Eye. Pitch: "Grass grows where you spray it." Comments: This campaign first hit the airwaves in April and spent 22 weeks on the Jordan Whitney before the season ended. Needless to say, I'm just posting for posterity. [ss]
  9. Neater Scooper. Pitch: "The cleaner, smarter scooper that neat cats love." Comments: Pooper scoopers are near the top of my list of bad categories, and I have to lump in (get it?) cat poop scoops as well. True, Sift 'N Toss should have failed if this rule were iron-clad (it was a 2011 True Top Spender), but like the 1996 hit Quicksand, it eliminated the scoop altogether. Footnote: Quicksand itself failed to make a comeback in 2010. [ss]

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