December 05, 2014

Corrections & Clarifications

The SciMark Report is committed to responsible journalism, so I am starting a new feature today that will address any errors, omissions and so on that appear on the blog. My readers are my ombudsmen, and I hear from them whenever I make a mistake. In the past, I have merely corrected blog posts online with an editor's note. However, since most people read the blog in the form of an email newsletter, this new feature will give those corrections the same publicity the original, incorrect information received.

For my inaugural post, I have THREE mea culpas to make. Ouch!


1. In my post about Clever Light (since updated), I accused Kerrmercials of lacking originality for using a clever line I had used in my December 2013 Ever Light commercial. Well, it appears I am the one who lacks originality! The line was originally used in a February 2013 commercial for Remark-A-Bulb, which (even more embarrassingly) I covered on this blog. It gets worse. Although I didn't know it at the time, the Remark-A-Bulb commercial and line belong to ... Kerrmercials. They were merely recycling their own work, so I am the only plagiarist here.

To Tim Kerr: My sincerest apologies, especially for the implication that you lack originality. Great line. Sorry I stole it. It wasn't conscious, and I'll be careful that it doesn't happen again. To everyone else: Please bear witness to my public shaming!

2. In my post about the attempted resurrection of Hercules Hook (also now updated), I assumed that the reason the new version of the commercial so closely resembled the old version of the commercial is because Sully and Billy worked together on the project in 2006. While it is true that Sully and Billy often collaborated (as shown on the Pitchmen reality show), it is not true that the original Hercules Hook was done by Sullivan Productions. It was done by Hutton-Miller, and I am informed that Sully was not involved.

3. And finally, a clarification. In my post about Max Lash, I mentioned 2004's Dream Lash and linked to what I thought was an online copy of the original commercial. As it turns it, the link goes to a Concepts TV commercial that was shot in 2009, not the original commercial. I'm not sure which producer did the original spot. If someone would be so kind as to use the comments section to educate us, I'd be much obliged. What I do know (now) is that Concepts did not do the original spot. Kudos to them for contacting me and being honest enough to make sure they weren't getting credit for someone else's work. Today, I am further shamed by their good example!


  1. I think this post shows that no shame can be attributed to you, due to your honestly, diligence, and commitment to observing the industry through thick and thin. Well stated, sir.

  2. You asked if anyone knew who produced our 2004 version of Dream Lash. If my memory serves me correctly, which it does less and less, it was Monte Brooks.