December 04, 2014

Clever Light

Description: An emergency light
Main Pitch: "The light that goes on when the power goes off"
Main Offer: $14.95 for one
Bonus: 2nd one (just pay P&H)
Brand: Bell + Howell
Marketer: Emson
Producer: Kerrmercials
Watch the spot

This project bears many similarities to my Ever Light project from December 2013. (One reason: I inadvertently plagiarized the main pitch, also recycled here, from a February 2013 commercial. I recently discovered that spot was also done by Kerrmercials.) The similarities mean this project is unlikely to succeed. That is: Ours wasn't close, and it is unlikely that demand for such a solution has radically changed in one year.

S7 Analysis: I obviously believed this item met all of the S7 criteria back when I pursued it. Like many, I was (repeatedly) seduced by this Siren category following the success of Olde Brooklyn Lantern. Looking back, my best guess is that this particular solution -- and the many others storm lights and lanterns that were tried -- is not different enough from what's already on the market to succeed. It's a high bar that Telebrands hit with its 'vintage' pitch, and even they were never able hit that bar again.

(See here for the full history of failed lanterns following OBL.)

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