January 09, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

  1. InstaGone Pro. Pitch: "An even more powerful formula that instantly dissolves any stain without scrubbing." Comments: I liked this "Old Gold" item a lot when I voted for it during a Philadelphia inventor event in 2011. Glad to see it finally found a home. A few earlier attempts to bring it back failed, but this new formulation might just do the trick. It will mark the first time in a long time that a multi-purpose cleaner finds success. As master pitchman Marc Gill recently reminded me, his Stream Clean pet-stain cleaner is a stand-out exception to the broader category curse. [ss]
  3. Brew Caps. Pitch: "Lets you re-use and re-fill coffee pods." Comments: The only people who would buy this are the same people who wash and re-use aluminum foil and Ziploc bags (a segment of a segment to be sure). Otherwise, people will just buy Cafe Cup or one of its competitors. The price is roughly the same. [ss]
  5. Retract Winder. Pitch: "The only retractable cord storage organization system on the market." Comments: A 'fast fail' (link goes to the spot). The concept has also been tried before. [ss]
  7. Krocodile. Marketer: Kinn. Pitch: "Splits and crushes medicine for your pet." Comments: Weak creative, too high of a price and targets a segment of a segment (pets on medication). [ss]
  9. Kudose. Marketer: Kinn. Pitch: "Pet healthy treat and pill giving made easy." Comments: Same first two comments as above, and the homemade pet treats pitch hasn't worked (see #2 in this Weekly Round-up for example). [ss]

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