June 16, 2011

Review: Tidy Twist

Description: A spool for power cords
Main Pitch: "The fast and easy way to wrap and organize all your cables"
Main Offer: $10 for a set of four
Bonus: Eight more (just pay P&H), 15 labels and 2 Cable Tidy's
Marketer: Global TV Concepts
Producer: Monte-Brooks
Website: www.TidyTwist.com
Prediction: On the Fence

Being a fastidious Virgo, this item appeals to me personally. But will it appeal to enough people to make the campaign a success? I'm not sure. My thoughts on organizational items have changed given the surprising (to me, anyway) success of Merchant Media's Swivel Store. However, I still believe most people are Oscar Madisons not Felix Ungars, meaning they are unlikely to be excited by items like these.

My rule of thumb is: One success is an outlier; three successes is a category. Still keeping track and waiting to see if organization is a DRTV category and how that category might be defined. If this one hits, we'll all be a little smarter.

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