August 13, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Here are 10 quick reviews to keep you updated ...

  1. Big Skinny. Pitch: "The world's thinnest, lightest and most comfortable wallet." Comments: This is a good DRTV category, but there's only room for one and the one right now is Telebrands' Aluma Wallet. This commercial is also a bit lackluster compared to the competition. [a]
  2. Easy Treat Maker. Pitch: "Make delicious, homemade, heathy treats your pets will love." Comments: I doubt enough people care enough about the ingredients in dog treats to put the time and effort into baking their own. Plus, all natural pre-made treats are widely available. [a]
  3. Eye Beamers. Pitch: "A beam of light to improve your sight." Comments: Another sailor seduced by a Siren (see my iRayz review). [a]
  4. Keeper Sweeper. Pitch: "Don't toss it, keep it." Comments: Too much info too fast. As Ron Popeil once told me: "What is the perception of someone trying to sell you at a machine-gun pace? They are trying too hard, so it’s too good to be true." [a]
  5. Life Lantern. Pitch: "So bright it can fill an entire room with light." Marketer: Allstar. Producer: Producers Direct. Comments: This item is already at retail under different brands as a camping item, but I liked the idea of bringing it indoors and expanding its uses. [a]
  6. Micro Pedi. Pitch: "Leave your feet with baby soft skin." Comments: The $40 Emjoi version of IdeaVillage's Thera-Spin. [a]
  7. Re-scent It. Pitch: "Re-fill your favorite diffuser scents in seconds." Comments: Amateur hour. Plus, pure value plays (almost) never work in DR. [a]
  8. Stage Candle. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "It burns perfectly with no mess, right to the end." Comments: There must be some reason why Telebrands tests these things, but I'm left scratching my head once again. [a]
  9. Twin Brush. Pitch: "Two heads are better than one." Comments: The $30 version of Sylmark's 30 Second Smile. Even though its half the price, I don't think price sensitivity is much of an issue in this category, so these guys are second to market with a "me too" solution. [a]
  10. Work Brite. Pitch: "The wireless work light that's portable and bright." Comments: I'm just about ready to declare lighting a dead category for DRTV -- at least for now. Despite about a dozen attempts in recent history by all the major marketers (this is Telebrands' 4th attempt alone), no one has found success. [a]

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