May 26, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

There's a lot of testing going on these days. Here are eight new reviews to keep you up to speed:

  1. AeroSling. Pitch: "The gym in a bag." Comments: This "suspension training" contraption seems uninspiring compared to Randy Couture's Tower 200. Plus, the commercial I saw online is quite amateurish. [a]
  2. Cat's Meow. Marketer: Allstar. Producer: Concepts TV. Pitch: "The fun new grooming corner that actually brushes your cat's coat while she plays." Comments: I like this product a lot. Could be a nice sequel to Emery Cat, especially since the products complement each other. [a]
  3. Clean Cut. Pitch: The "touchless paper towel dispenser." Comments: This is an overpriced solution in search of a problem. At $139.95 for one, only a rich germaphobe would buy it. [a]
  4. Fabtastik. Pitch: "The revolutionary fabric adhesive that creates an instant mend." Comments: What do you get when you cross Mighty Mendit with Style Snaps? A campaign that is highly unlikely to succeed. [a]
  5. iRays. Pitch: "Reading glasses that ... transform your vision with light." Comments: A beautiful (no doubt expensive) commercial for a classic "Siren" product. I can't think of a single DR marketer who hasn't pursued this concept at some point. All have failed or failed to go forward for one reason or another. [a]
  6. Luv A Dub. Marketer: Allstar. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "A back scratcher and washer [for dogs] all in one." Comments: Added this one late, so I'm just posting for posterity. (It didn't work.) [a]
  7. Magnetize It. Pitch: "Goes on anything and everywhere without leaving holes or marks." Comments: What do you get when you cross Style Snaps with the Bedazzler? That's right: Same answer as before. [a]
  8. Pyramid Pan. Marketer: Allstar. Pitch: "Food cooks evenly on both sides without turning." Comments: Silicone products have had mixed results on DRTV. However, this one has a classic benefit (fat drips away) and a new benefit (no turning), so I think it has a pretty good shot at working. [a]

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