February 21, 2016


Description: Removable hanging hooks
Main Pitch: "Just peel and stick -- it's that quick"
Main Offer: $14.95 for six regular and six giant hooks
Bonus: Double the offer (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Emson
Producer: Kerrmercials
Watch the spot

This is the fourth time this item has been tried. Allstar tried it as Jerry Hook (see No. 3 in this Weekly Round-Up), IdeaVillage tried it as Nano Hooks and an unknown marketer tried it as Gripeez in early 2014. In DR, the third time is seldom the charm, but I've noted a few cases when it was. I have no evidence, though, than the fourth time is ever the charm.

S7 Analysis: The obvious fail here, based on past history, must be the needed criterion. If you watch the opening of this spot, it feels like a set of contrived problems because it probably is.

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