February 21, 2016


Description: A ceramic pan
Main Pitch: "Fuses the best quality of cookware into a one-pan, chef-quality solution"
Main Offer: $29.95 for one in red or black
Bonus: Lid with steam valve, 5-year warranty (free)
Starring: Anne Burrell
Marketer: Emson
Watch the spot

Emson has the hottest pan on DRTV right now (the Gotham Steel pan featuring Chef Daniel Green), so it's odd timing for them to try another pan, especially one with weaker benefits. My hypothesis that's 'there's only room for one' applies even if you are following your own leading product. Worse yet, the airwaves are lousy with pans right now, which further reduces the odds of this one breaking through.

Bottom line: I would have saved this for an Ouroboros strategy down the road.

S7 Analysis: As mentioned, the main S7 fail here is that the category is currently super-crowded. But even if it weren't, I'd still wonder if this pan were different enough from the pans that have already been done. The "cast ceramic" idea (a play on cast iron) has some potential, but it's somewhat lost in a 'Swiss Army' pitch.

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