July 23, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

Don't pop a gasket, this one isn't going very far

  1. All Open. Pitch: "Multi-purpose kitchen tool that opens bottles, cans, jars and much more quickly and with minimal effort." Comments: Another Swiss Army opener. We've been down this road before. If Old Gold is an attempt to bring back a successful concept, what do you call an attempt to bring back a failed concept? Old Fool's Gold? Six and seven-in-one didn't work. Let's try eight! [ss]
  3. On the Go Pill Pro. Pitch: "Keep your medications, vitamins, and supplements by your side." Comments: Pill organizers are definitely on my extended list of bad categories, so this bulky, over-engineered water bottle, cup and pill organizer has zero shot at success. [ss]
  5. Precious Pearl. Pitch: "Now you can enjoy the beauty of a naturally cultured pearl grown in its own real oyster." Comments: SAS tried this in 2011 under the name Perfect Pearl. It was never heard from again. It's a neat concept in an incredibly difficult category for DRTV, and the 'gross factor' may outweigh the 'wow factor.' [ss]
  7. Smart Back. Marketer: Spark Innovators. Pitch: "Back brace that instantly adjusts your posture to alleviate pressure on your back." Comments: No need to repeat myself. Read my review of Tristar's Posture Fix, factor in the added challenge of competing with two DRTV powerhouses, and I'll bet you can guess what I would predict for this one. Timing is everything. [ss]
  9. Shoo Away. Pitch: "Keep flies and bees away from your food." Comments: Neat item, but I've seen too many promising items in this category fail. My theory is the seasonality makes it hard to hit the pitch just right. [ss]

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