July 23, 2015

SciMark Report from June & July Response

The Pearl Epil-Pen from Telebrands

My SciMark Report in print for July is now available on the Response Website.

This month I cover IdeaVillage's Pocket Barber, Telebrands' Epil-Pen and Ontel's Lock Wallet.

Also on the site is my June column, which I neglected to promote when it was posted. That report covers a duel between Emson's Roto Chop and Telebrands' Zip Chopper as well as IdeaVillage's The One Cafe.

Coming Soon

In the upcoming August issue, I'll be writing about the second triple duel of the year (here's the first), a face-off between TechnoSource's Zippy Sack (featuring creative by Hutton-Miller), Tristar's Zip Blankies and Ontel's Zipit Bedding.

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