January 27, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

Daisy Fuentes & David Arquette

  1. Secret Extensions. Starring: Daisy Fuentes. Pitch: "The invisible hair extensions that give your hair thick natural-looking volume and length in seconds." Comments: This is the right way to try something like at-home hair extensions (high-end spot, celebrity, higher quality product). However, I suspect most women will greet this concept with skepticism since they know this process and it is elaborate for good reason. [ss]
  3. V Chic. Starring: David Arquette. Pitch: "The new electronic smoking option that looks and tastes just like a real cigarette." Comments: In contrast to the above, this is the wrong way to market this concept. The celebrity is a waste of money. In fact, the entire project is a waste of money because this category is super-saturated, and there is no good way to break through. As for Mr. Arquette, his performance seems like a comedy sketch with the tuxedo and all that 'eyebrow acting' he is doing. [ss]
  5. Auggie Dog. Pitch: "Allows you to pick up, conceal and carry what your dog leaves behind." Comments: Pooper scoopers top my list of bad categories for DRTV. There have been many attempts, and every one of them has failed. So testing an over-engineered, over-priced (it's $150) pooper scooper strikes me as pure folly. Cute spot, though. [ss]
  7. ExStatic Hairbrush. Marketer: Fuller Brush Co. Pitch: "Millions of ions eliminate static, build full body and shine, end fly-aways and frizz, keep hair clean between washes." Comments: This is the Pet Groom Pro concept for humans. Although the creative isn't great, I like the product and think it has a decent shot. [ss]
  9. Genie Zip. Marketer: Tristar. Pitch: "The amazing new bra that lifts and supports you in total comfort." Comments: Another new addition to the Genie line. Seems somewhat cannibalistic to the original Genie bra, but 'new and improved' has often been a good strategy for lengthening the tail of big DRTV hits. [ss]
  11. Pocket Griller. Starring: Chef Ali. Pitch: Make sandwiches "loaded with flavor, toasted and even sealed all in one minute." Comments: This is sort of a poor man's panini maker and reminds me of the Diablo sandwich toaster, which several marketers looked at a few years ago. Given the surprising success of Stufz (the only time the third time was the charm!), it makes sense to explore the 'stuffed food' category further. [ss]
  13. Quick Taco. Starring: Cathy Mitchell. Pitch: "Make crispy, delicious taco shells in minutes." Comments: Allstar's version (No. 4 in this Weekly Round-Up) was a 'fast fail.' I see no reason why this version would succeed, the main problem being taco shells are easy to find at every grocery store. [ss]
  15. Shoe Booty. Marketer/Producer: Meltzer Media. Pitch: "In a split second, every kind of shoe is all instantly covered, so dirt can't get into your house." Comments: This is a second attempt at selling this concept. The original was called Shoebee (No. 3 in this Weekly Round-Up). The price is now $10 cheaper and in the DR range. However, I stand by my original comment: Only OCD germaphobes (or perhaps real-estate agents) would buy this. [ss]
  17. Swirlio. Marketer: Emson. Pitch: "Turns ordinary frozen fruit into yummy, soft serve desserts." Comments: Neat concept but a little pricey at $60 plus P&H. [ss]

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