June 20, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Hot Hold 'Em. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Keeps your hair styling tools at your fingertips for faster, safer styling." Comments: A 'fast fail.' Love the blowtorch demo (watch it here), but I think the problem is much less intense in reality. [ss]
  3. LumiNail. Marketer: Lenfest. Pitch: "The safe, precise and pain-free way to trim your pet's nails." Comments: Another 'fast fail,' but I like the item because it solves the same problem as Peticure/Pedi Paws did. [ss]
  5. Out of the Weigh. Pitch: The "flexible, waterproof scale that stays in the shower." Comments: A neat and unique concept, but the rationale for the item is low on the problem scale. Is it that hard to weigh yourself after you step out of the shower? [ss]
  7. Perfect Taco. Marketer: Allstar. Pitch: "The fast, easy way to shape, bake and serve authentic homemade tacos." Comments: The site for this is already down, so it won't be number five in the "Perfect" line. Tortillas but not tacos? Fortune is a fickle mistress. (FYI, you can still watch the spot here.) [ss]
  9. Scentos. Pitch: "Color your world and scent it, too." Comments: Not my area, but I can see kids liking this. [ss]
  11. Speed Out. Pitch: "Easily remove any stripped screw in 10 seconds or less." Comments: Speaking of 10 seconds, this item gave me about 10 seconds of fame on the first season of Pitchmen. (I estimated five minutes at the time, but even that was an exaggeration!) Back then, the item was called Grabit. This is the original creative (done by Infomercials Inc.) before the late, great Billy Mays and Blue Moon gave it a go. [ss]

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