June 12, 2013

AJ on NBC's Today show

Telebrands CEO AJ Khubani went on NBC's Today show to promote the Inventor's Day he held at Response Expo. You can watch the video here. (Astute viewers will notice Response magazine Editor-in-Chief Tom Haire and Publisher John Yarrington make appearances on the judging panel.)

Later in the segment, AJ is interviewed by Matt Lauer about the event. Two items of note: One is Matt Lauer's belief that the average royalty inventors get is between 3 and 5 points. The other is AJ's explanation of why inventors would give up the lion's share of their potential profits to a company like Telebrands. I think he does a good job of explaining it quickly and in a way that's easy for outsiders to understand.

During the interview, AJ also introduced a new item he got from the show, the Rover Rake, which I will give a proper review soon.

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