August 09, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Stufz. Starring: Brian Duffy. Marketer: Zoom TV. Pitch: "Make stuffed burgers just like a pro chef." Comments: Both Telebrands (see Pocket Burger) and Allstar (Best Stuffed Burger) have tried this sort of product on DRTV without success. Although I like this creative, and have always liked the look of the burgers it produces, I have to go with DRTV history and say 'the third time is never the charm.' [ss]
  3. Easy View HD. Pitch: "The amazing fast flip-down glare blocker that blocks sun glare in a split second." Comments: This strikes me as a catalog item at best. Not high enough on the problem scale to stimulate an impulse purchase. [ss]
  5. Liberty Lantern. Marketer: InvenTel. Pitch: "The only solar-powered LED Lantern and mobile device charger." Comments: Too soon after Telebrands' Olde Brooklyn Lantern, and this pitch is all over the place. Among other confusing things: It has 16 LEDs, but for some reason is made to look like it only has a single electric candle inside. [ss]
  7. LumiDoh. Pitch: "The doh that glows." Comments: I can definitely see kids pestering their parents for this -- but I also feel like Play-Doh must have already tried it at some point. Seems like an obvious line extension. [ss]
  9. Sleek Secrets. Pitch: "Say goodbye to visible panty lines." Comments: I can see how this would be better than going "commando," but beyond that I have no idea if the panty-line problem is strong enough to drive response. [ss]
  11. Solar Juice. Marketer: American Direct. Pitch: "The mobile charger that works with any USB powered device." Comments: I didn't like this item when Emson did it, and I like it even less now. The logic of it escapes me: If you can remember to charge and bring this, you can remember to charge and bring any one of the myriad backup chargers available on the market. And in most situations, you would just use your portable charger or car charger. [ss]
  13. Spray Around. Starring: The ubiquitous Marc Gill. Pitch: "The amazing 360 sprayer that works at any angle, even upside down." Comments: This strikes me as a bonus item at best. Not being able to spray upside-down is too low on the problem scale. [ss]

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