January 10, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

Pump N Chop

  1. Ab Carver Pro. Pitch: "Carve your core." Comments: From the guy who created the Perfect Pushup, but it's not clear if it's BodyRev. In any case, this is a new and improved version of the old school Ab Wheel, and I can see it doing well. [ss]
  3. Armor Guard. Pitch: "Makes your smart phone screen practically indestructible." Comments: Great problem solver, but similar solutions are widely available at malls and electronics stores such as Best Buy. [ss]
  5. Bake A Bone. Pitch: "The all-natural dog treats you make right at home." Comments: My experience with Doggy Time Treats indicates this isn't a DRTV category. The price of this item is also too high. [ss]
  7. Chiptastic. Marketer: Ronco. Pitch: "The no-guilt microwave potato chip maker." Comments: As I showed recently, the microwave has lost its cachet. This concept was successful in 1996 under the name Micro Chip, but it failed in 2011 as Top Chips and then again as Chip Wave. In DR, the third time is never the charm. [ss]
  9. Go Go Pillow. Marketer: Harvest. Pitch: "The plush, comfortable, multi-function pillow that fits any tablet, anytime, anywhere." Comments: Proof the pillow craze has gone too far. I am still searching for evidence that tablet accessories can work on DR. [ss]
  11. Hipzbag. Pitch: "An infinitely cooler, hipper incarnation of the fanny pack." Comments: Unlike Buxton Bag, this bag is more fashion than function, which is never a good strategy for DR. [ss]
  13. Impress Manicure. Pitch: "The revolutionary way to apply polish." Comments: Strikes me as too retro for the modern marketplace. It's essentially a fancier version of Lee Press-On Nails from the 1980s. [ss]
  15. One Wipe. Pitch: "Instantly restore your car's finish to its original showroom look." Comments: The success of Wipe New (No. 1 on the IMS chart this week) has gotten everyone's attention. But if any product is going to compete at retail, it's going to be IdeaVillage's Detail Doctor (formerly Crazy Coat). [ss]
  17. Pocket Vac. Marketer: Allstar. Pitch: "The amazing handheld table vacuum that cleans up all of life's little messes." Comments: A 'fast fail.' [ss]
  19. Pump N Chop. Marketer: Allstar. Pitch: "The new way to make salads, salsa and more -- all with just two fingers." Comments: Written by yours truly ... but also a 'fast fail.' Oh well! [ss]
  21. Save Your Do. Pitch: "The fashionable way to save your hairstyle while at the gym, exercising outdoors, or living an active lifestyle." Comments: Amateur hour. [ss]
  23. Shoe Flavors. Pitch: "Create shoes unique to your style that no one in the world can own." Comments: Not right for DRTV. In fact, not even close. [ss]

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