September 23, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Name choices matter. As the above illustrates, "Head Wedgie" (No. 2) doesn't exactly communicate comfort.

Not much going on the last few weeks, so only five quick reviews are needed to bring you up to speed:

  1. Eco EZ Wash. Pitch: "The revolutionary waterless cash wash that does it all." Comments: Attempt No. 96 in a very crowded category. [a]
  2. Head Wedgie. Pitch: "The ultimate head rest solution." Comments: This is a comfort product, but I can't think of a less comfortable-sounding name than "head wedgie." This product is also incorrectly targeted for DRTV. [a]
  3. Quillow. Pitch: "It's a pillow. It's a blanket. It's a Quillow." Comments: I like the Blue Moon version better. [a]
  4. Tie Boss. Pitch: "Better than a bungee. Easier than a ratchet." Comments: This product seems too utilitarian to be successful on DRTV. There's no magic. It's something a guy might pick up at the hardware store for a specific purpose, but not something he'd get off the couch to buy on impulse. [a]
  5. Top Chips. Pitch: "The fat-free, low-calorie, healthy way to snack." Comments: This looks like a lot of work to make one bag of chips, and all for what? Healthier chips are widely available at retail these days. They come in low fat, no fat, baked, air cooked and more, and you can get chips in every type of fruit or vegetable imaginable. [a


  1. Eco Wash- wow how many of these waterless car washes are going to be made and fail in my lifetime? Is water that expensive? How much water do you need to clean the dirty cloths? Wouldn't rubbing abrasive dirt on the dirty car with a cloth scratch it up, really?? We asked the same questions around 1995 with that failure. Who was the marketer?? We could buy a castle on the money spent on these multiple failures.

  2. Head Wedgie? from a marketing view it does kinda stick with ya. pretty cool idea too.