September 28, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Very little going on this week, and nothing that warrants a detailed review, so here's a (very) short update:

  1. Lappers. Pitch: "Specifically designed to hold all your food firmly in place even when tilted or turned." Starring: Anthony Sullivan. Marketer: Masterbuilt. Producer: Sullivan Productions. Comments: This is not really a DRTV product, especially with a $29.99 price tag. But I like the creative and the demos, and I think this could be an OK seller if it were offered for a lower price in another channel of sale. [a]
  2. Reef Case. Pitch: "The waterproof smart phone case that protects your phone and still lets you use it." Marketer: IdeaVillage. Producer: Sullivan Productions. Comments: The site is already down, so I'm just posting this one for posterity. In general, given the older skew of our prospect base, I think smart phone products are highly unlikely to succeed on DRTV. [a]
  3. Ruby Crystal. Pitch: "The only file with thousands of synthetic ruby crystals that embed themselves into the nail." Comments: I doubt this product is different enough or credible enough to get women to switch from their trusty emery board, which is a 'good enough' solution. This creative also features what I call a 'kitchen sink offer.' That's where so much stuff is jammed into one offer (everything but the kitchen sink), the viewer has no idea what she's supposed to be getting. [a]
  4. Shadazzle. Pitch: "Cleans, polishes and protects in one step." Starring: Harry Wilder. Comments: This product flopped in early 2009 under the name Earth Brite. I see no reason why the results would be any different this time around. [a]

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