January 14, 2013

Ice Cream Magic

Description: An ice cream maker
Main Pitch: "Now you can make delicious homemade ice cream in three minutes"
Main Offer: $14.99 for one with spoon & recipe book
Bonus: 2nd one with spoon (just pay S&H)
Marketer: IdeaVillage
Producer: Kerrmercials
Website: www.IceCreamMagic.com
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

Although not technically a brand extension of Ontel's Slushy Magic (since this one is being done by competitor IdeaVillage), this product will serve as another case study in that marketing strategy because of similarities in name and function. Should be interesting. IdeaVillage is the master of brand extensions, having launched two very successful lines in its history: the Touch (Finishing Touch, MicroTouch) line of hair removers and the HD Vision line of sunglasses.

I used to argue that brand extensions didn't work in DR because, up to that point, there had been no more than two hits under any one brand -- and most extensions failed. But IdeaVillage proved me wrong, and now Allstar is doing the same with its Perfect line of cookware, which is four deep and counting.

This test will also answer my 'outlier or category?' question once again. My guess? Outlier. Slushies are a less common frozen treat you can't buy at the grocery store. But ice cream is more ubiquitous than pizza.

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