May 14, 2012

Review: Samurai Slicer

Description: A five-blade slicer
Main Pitch: "Puts the incredible power of five super-sharp slicing blades in the palm of your hand"
Main Offer: $10 for one
Bonus: Samurai Speed Peeler (just pay S&P), base adapter for peeler (free)
Starring: Marc Gill
Marketer: SAS Group
Producer: Bluewater Media
Prediction: On the fence

Before IdeaVillage's Yoshi Blade came along (No. 6 on my True Top 50 for 2010), there hadn't been a successful knife sold on short-form DRTV since the Ginsu. Since Yoshi Blade, several more knives have failed. The Eskimo-designed Uloo Knife and Allstar's Banjo Blade are just two examples. So it is wise that SAS positioned this item, which puts five knives in the palm of your hand, as a slicer instead of a knife.

Will it work? I have my doubts. Telebrands has a successful slicer (Slice-O-Matic) on the charts (No. 29 on my True Top 50 for the winter), but that item is the real deal, a full-fledged slicing machine. This is more like the Uloo Knife than Slice-O-Matic because it is much simpler than the latter and has the same rolling motion as the former, which I think people will find unnatural. On the other hand, the spot is well done, stars the eminently likable Marc Gill (who also pitches Slice-O-Matic) and features a few clever demos (e.g. turning stone into dust). That makes me a definite "maybe."

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  1. Is it the same as the Zyliss one here?