May 08, 2012

Winter True Top 50

The results are in for December 2011 through the end of February 2012. Here are the True Top 50 hits for the winter:

Not much has changed since my last announcement. The True Top Marketer of the winter is Allstar with nine hits in the Top 50 (Forever Lazy, Perfect Meatloaf, Sift & Toss, Hot Booties, Trendy Top, EZ Eyes, Swivel Store, Eggies and EZ Moves), two of them new hits (Trendy Top and EZ Eyes). Close behind with eight hits is Telebrands once again (Orgreenic, Lint Lizard, MyZone Headphones, Slim Away, Shed Pal, Slice-O-Matic, Sticky Buddy and Aluma Wallet). Like I said, not much has changed. The real news is which marketer came in third. For the first time, Ontel jumps ahead of IdeaVillage by having the same number of hits with one hit in the Top 10 (Salon Express). Congratulations to the guys at Ontel.

A similar third-place surprise puts Concepts TV in serious contention with Blue Moon Studios. Concepts had four hits in the Top 50 (Furniture Fix, Sift & Toss, Miracle Socks and Smart Cover). Blue Moon also had four hits but squeaks out second place because of the same Top 10 hit that boosted Ontel, Salon Express. Congratulations to the creative teams at Blue Moon and Concepts. And super-kudos to the guys at Spark Innovators, who brought Salon Express to market. Two companies owe you big!

Incidentally, first place and the title of True Top Producer of the winter stays with Hutton-Miller. They had five hits in the Top 50 (Fast Brite, Slushy Magic, Eggies, Dream Look, EZ Moves). Another season of dominance!

Finally, I'd like to give an honorable mention to the great folks at Paddock Productions. They had a solid showing with three hits, including the No. 1 campaign of the winter ($50 Gold Buffalo Coin) and one of the few new hits on the charts, EZ Eyes.

Speaking of new hits, I count seven from the major players. Two I didn't review (10 Minute Trainer and EZ Eyes). Three I reviewed and called correctly (Insta Hang, Hot Booties and Trendy Top). And two I reviewed but my predictions don't really count because I was "on the fence" (Sticky Buddy and Schticky). That makes me 3-0-2 this time around. Yay me!

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