February 04, 2016

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Color Combat. Brand: Battle Balloons. Marketer: Telebrands. Producer: The Schwartz Group. Pitch: "Throw water balloons bursting with color on the inside." Comments: This is a line extension of Balloon Bonanza, now called Battle Balloons. For what it's worth, my inner child thinks this would be a lot of fun. [ss]
  3. 35 Below Socks. Marketer: Hampton. Pitch: "The amazing fabric developed for aerospace to keep feet warm and dry in the coldest, most extreme conditions." Comments: Neat idea, but the "cold weather adventure" idea may not resonate well this warm winter. Besides, Punxsutawney Phil says the selling season for this is going to be over soon. [ss]
  5. Bralief. Pitch: "Adjustable strap solution enhances fit, provides an instant breast lift and puts a stop to those falling shoulder straps." Comments: This could be considered another attempt to find out if Strap Perfect, a 2009 hit, was an outlier or a category. If there's a market for other bra accessories, this solves enough common problems to tap into it. [ss]
  7. Flex Seal Liquid. Starring: Phil Swift. Pitch: "Liquid rubber in a can. Coat, seal and stop leaks fast." Comments: Give Mr. Swift credit for line-extending his one hit as far as it can possibly go. He built an entire business around Flex Seal and somehow manages to keep coming up with new variations -- to his product and to his key magic demo. [ss]
  9. Kangarillow. Pitch: "Orthopedic neck support in a pouch." Comments: Anyone who reads this blog knows I am down on pillows these days, so it will come as no surprise that I think a pillow accessory has no shot. [ss]
  11. Prestige Light. Pitch: "The cordless LED-powered light that showcases all of your treasures." Comments: This is a very specific solution to a problem I imagine isn't very common. I also suspect that anyone into "showcasing" can afford real lighting solutions. For instance, "poor-man's art gallery" probably isn't a phrase for a reason. [ss]

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