October 27, 2015

Get Fit

Description: Portion-control containers
Main Pitch: "The simple way to melt the pounds away"
Main Offer: $14.99 for 7 containers plus recipe guide, exercise DVD
Bonus: Double the offer (just pay P&H)
Marketer: Ontel
Producer: Concepts
Watch the spot

This is the Tupperware version of those portion-control plates I noted earlier this year. See No. 3 in this Weekly Round-Up for details. My gut (which is quite minimal these days!) is that people are lazy and looking for easy solutions to their weight problems. How else to explain the success of diet pills like Alli despite their embarrassing side effects? Or the success of fitness products with amusing, oxymoronic brand names like Ab Lounge? This represents the opposite of that. You have to be disciplined and regimented to want to this, and that would make you something like the antithesis of the typical DRTV buyer.

S7 Analysis: Is a portion-control system needed? As a societal question, the answer is clear: definitely! But as a matter of individual perception, I'm not as confident. People probably won't see the need to spend money on something they believe (all evidence to the contrary) that they can control on their own.

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