September 10, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

  1. PermaShades 3000. Pitch: "The ultra-light, stylish sunglasses that are virutally indestructible." Comments: This pitch didn't work for reading glasses (see Telebrands' Flexy View), so I don't see why it would work for sunglasses. Both can easily be replaced for about $10. As for the commercial, I really liked the shotgun demo. Now that's a torture test! [ss]
  3. Dry Clean Doggie. Marketer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "The zip-up towel that quickly dries up all the wet and traps the mess." Comments: This project meets all of my S7 criteria. The product is solid, and the commercial is compelling. If I still made predictions, this one would be "likely to succeed." [ss]
  5. AccuAid. Marketer: Global. Pitch: "The hearing aid with micro-miniature technology that can barely be seen." Comments: Probably too soon after their MSA 30X (a 2013 True Top Spender), and it's $10 more expensive. [ss]
  7. Curb Appeal. Starring: Marc Gill. Pitch: "Instantly restores long-lasting color to new or existing yard mulch." Comments: Research indicates 60-80% of people use mulch, which is a larger percentage than I would have guessed. That said, I think fading is only one issue that causes people to replace it, and there's a certain pride in fresh mulch. This solution is sort of like asking people to spray paint onto their lawn's yellow patches (bomb) instead of spraying seed (hit). [ss]
  9. Grill Disk. Starring: Joe Fowler. Marketer: Hutton-Miller. Pitch: "Instantly turn any pan into an indoor grill." Comments: Although executed only once with any creative skill (see The Schwartz Group's Aero Slim Grill), the "hubcap" indoor grill concept was tried three times without success. That likely means people don't find the concept compelling -- even with a great creative. [ss]

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