November 27, 2014

Max Lash

Description: Brush-on lash extensions
Main Pitch: "Longer, fuller, sexier lashes instantly"
Main Offer: $10 for a set of two plus carry case and mirror
Bonus: Double the offer (just pay P&H)
Starring: Taylor Baldwin
Marketer: Ontel
Watch the spot

This is an attempt to mine 'Old Gold' with a similar solution. The original hit was SAS Group's Dream Lash, which was No. 45 on the 2004 JW Annual. Because I'm not sure how close this product is to that 2004 hit, I didn't make this an official 'Old Gold' feature, but the pitches are certainly similar.

S7 Analysis: In 2004, lash-enhancing products like this were less common. Today, the category has become much more crowded. There is even a prescription product for growing lashes "longer, fuller and darker" called Latisse. The growth in the number and promotion of similar solutions will also affect the uniqueness perception of the product. That is, women may not find it different enough to warrant purchase.

Otherwise, this project meets The SciMark Seven criteria. Clearly it is needed, and it is targeted toward one of the largest buying groups in America.

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