November 27, 2014

Genie Slimmers

Description: Shaping panty hose
Main Pitch: "So comfortable, you won't know you're wearing them -- and you'll look up to 10 pounds slimmer"
Main Offer: $10 for a pair in nude
Bonus: 2nd pair in black (free)
Brand: Genie
Starring: Stella Riches
Marketer: Tristar
Producer: Tara Productions
Watch the spot

In an industry where brand-building and line extensions are rare, Tristar took the Genie Bra (No. 10 on the 2012 Jordan Whitney annual) and parlayed it into a multimillion-dollar business . This latest addition will fit comfortably (get it?) into the line.

S7 Analysis: Yet again, the big challenge here will be competing in the very crowded shapewear category. However, Tristar has done it before, and this product has features that make it notably different from other shapewear on the market.

Stella Riches, a live shopping host, is also a solid choice for spokesperson with an engaging style. My only concern regarding the commercial is that it tries to communicate too many messages (comfort, three ways to wear the product, looking 10 pounds slimmer), and thus sacrifices clarity. If that creates confusion, it could become a sales killer.

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