April 01, 2014

Pocket Fisherman: Old Gold?

Current/Original Marketer: Ronco
Original Hit Year: 1972
Starring: Beau Rials
Website: www.PocketFisherman.com
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

This product first became a hit before my time -- literally (I was born in 1973). So this attempt gives new meaning to the phrase "Old Gold." But unlike actual gold, DRTV products fade over time, and this product looks like it came off the original molds. A modern design, perhaps with a new product feature to boot, would have given this project a much better shot at success.

That said, I like the commercial. Beau always does an excellent job, and the creative team certainly used modern production techniques to shoot the spot. It looks as good as any fishing show I've seen.

The real determining factor here is going to be whether I'm right about the fishing category being dead for DR. So far, no matter how cool the item (see Strike 'N Set, Chum Chamber), no fishing item has made my True Top Spenders list. Can one of the oldest names in DR defy that trend? We'll see.

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