December 07, 2011

Review: MicroMaid

Description: A microwave-cleaning gadget
Main Pitch: "Uses the power of steam to get your microwave sparkling clean"
Main Offer: $10 for one with two Micro Chamois
Bonus: Double the offer (just pay S&H)
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

This is sort of like a Mister Steamy (No. 15 on last year's True Top 50) for microwaves. However, the problem/solution is a lot less compelling. Between the various splatter guards and cleaning sprays available, I just don't think people view this as a problem in need of a new solution. The commercial does a good job trying to manufacture a rationale ("like a pressure washer for your microwave" is especially clever), but it ultimately fails to justify.


  1. MicroMaid is a great idea. New commercial sale price is $10.00.

  2. Cool commercial. Microwave products are such a tough call. Is the dirty microwave problem that big a deal that you would buy a dedicated steam cleaner for it in this recession?

  3. Of course not, spending $20+ on a Bra Tree for the closet makes much more sense in this recession, especially if a buxom celebrity tells me so.

  4. Most men have no idea how to really clean
    a microwave. We don't want to use chemicals,
    or scrappers. Micro Maid is pure steam water
    that loosens all that crud and then you just
    wipe it away. You vote for a Bra and not
    Micro Maid, pretty sad.

  5. i love the idea, it does NOT fail to justify in my book! people do not clean their microwaves, for some reason they overlook it. its disgusting! office microwaves are the worst!!! the steam is much more sanitary then the sprays, we are talking about where i cook or warm up my food! if the microwave can effect the plastics inside it, what and how does it effect the cleaning agent i just used in there? this is neat, clean and sanitary and i think worth every penny of it. splatter guards are a pain, will steam your foods and are not always used, lets get real. people wanting their food fast or warmed up fast from the microwave are not always right there to clean it up after each use either. if this helps someone to keep their microwave cleaner and not accidentally eat some flake from last week that will make them sick, its good on all accounts!!! ask the person in your home that keeps your microwave clean. if they are a clean fanatic, maybe you are simply asking the wrong person. the majority of the world is who the audience this is for. if i had a cleaning person i would treat them to this, it would save them valuable time! Martha Stewart had an idea similar on her show once. i am sure she would back this up on her show, then watch the sales. i have used this idea to clean my microwave using a plate and water, how nice to have a cool looking contraption designed specifically for it!! I love that i can point the steam right where i want it!! did i mention i was a chef...? cheers to the inventor! great, clean, healthy, sanitary, easy idea without a high price cost!!! Big (hidden) Problem solved!!!! btw, love your Magic Mesh! keep inventing!! and thank you for your service in the Army!

  6. For this spot...I think the difficulty lies in showing the true grossness of this problem without too much "yuck" factor which sometimes diminishes the wow. I think they did a terrific job with this portrayal.

    I challenge you to dig deeper and Google "dirty microwave" and read through some of the thousands of posts and some of the (perhaps dangerous) things people have used to clean/sanitize their microwaves...I know heating up straight chlorine bleach in the nuker is not a good idea, for example.

    Wish you were at least "walking slowly towards the fence" with your prediction...this product seems a much safer and better solution than what has been offered in the marketplace and public opinion for cleaning these typical gunky micro-messes.

  7. MICROMAID is terrific. It really cleaned my
    microwave. I don't have to put a bowl of water
    in the microwave to boil and then take out and
    burn my hands. This product is certainly worth
    a lot more than $10.00. I would recommend it
    to all my friends.

  8. I would really enjoy using this product.
    How simple, why didn't I think of that.
    Will definitely purchase two; one for me
    and one for my Mom.

  9. Micromaid sounds like a good idea. There is not
    anything on the market to clean microwaves. I
    will certainly give it a try.

  10. Woolite made me realize that I suffer from "dirty carpet anxiety" and now I think I must also have "dirty microwave anxiety"! Hate when friends and family pop over for a visit and catch the microwave in an unclean state, but with our busy lifestyle, sometimes it is hard to keep up with this chore. This will be very helpful!

  11. Can't wait to try this new product. My microwave
    needs help. Finally a cleaning product for our
    microwaves. Great idea.

  12. I just ordered micromaid product. I think this
    is a great product to clean my microwave. Thanks

  13. I just the Micro-Maid infomercial. They are now coming in a Purple / Plum color. Looks great. This is one of those cases that I actually like that they double my order. I will use one in my kitchen and send the other off to my son in college (hope he actually uses it). What a fantastic idea that has huge benefits. Just wish that I thought of it!

  14. I just ordered the purple micromaid. Great idea.

  15. I just saw a commecial for micromaid and I ordered it. Looks like it will really help
    me in keeping my microwave clean.

  16. MicroMaid seems like the perfect cleaning solution for my dirty microwave.

  17. Jordan Pine...Surely you must have "jinxed" this with your prediction! lol...Happy Holidays to you and all your loved ones!