December 06, 2011

Review: Blankid Buddy

Description: A(nother) transforming plush toy
Main Pitch: "It's a blanket, a backpack and a pillow!"
Main Offer: $19.95 for one
Bonus: Water-repellent inner bag
Prediction: Bomb

No one will ever accuse the DRTV industry of originality, but this is getting ridiculous. Are there really still people out there who believe that because a plush toy that transforms into a pillow became a hot seller, a plush toy that transforms into other bedroom objects is a potential hit waiting to happen?

Give it up, people! Pillow Pets was an outlier and a craze. There is absolutely no indication that transforming plush toys are a new category capable of producing regular hits. Crazes just don't work that way.

Do you remember that Elmo doll that burst out in insane laughter when you tickeld him? Ever hear of any hot-selling, psychotic Sesame Street dolls after that? Right, because there were none (although I had a great idea for a Big Bird with Tourette's). Or how about those little gerbil things that scoot across the floor and make weird noises? Those are still hot, as evidenced by the fact I keep stepping on them in my house. But have you seen any other vermin -- perhaps a rat that squeals or a cockroach that hisses -- appear on store shelves in a stack-out? No? Well, there's a reason for that, too.

I give the first few people who attempted to ride the Pillow Pet coattails a pass. For all we knew, maybe Infomercials Inc. had discovered a rich mine of pent-up childish desire for Transformers you can hug. But the 50th attempt? It's time for someone to say it: Enough is enough.

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