December 05, 2011

Review: GSP Rush Fit

Description: A DVD workout program
Main Pitch: "Ultimate home fitness"
Main Offer: 3 pay of $29.99
Starring: Georges St-Pierre
Prediction: On the fence

Since I don't have a great understanding of what drives sales in this category or how the business model might be different, I can't say one way or the other how this will fare. I am also hopelessly biased toward the positive here because I am a big GSP fan! I wish him well.

On a separate note, this test is noteworthy because it is yet another example of the MMA short-form fitness trend and a UFC legend participating in that trend. Other legends that have tried their hand include Randy Couture (Tower 200, No. 2 on last year's True Top 50), Chuck Lidell (Jack Rack) and Rich Franklin (Iron Arms).

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