August 27, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Carrie Wrap. Pitch: "Keep hair out of the way and get on with your day." Marketer: Allstar. Producer: Hutton-Miller. Comments: My first impression of this product was that it does half of what Smart Invention's Turbie Twist did, and that item is still available at retail and recently failed a comeback attempt on DRTV. Although a similar item does well on live shopping, I see no reason to doubt my instincts with regard to DRTV. [a]
  2. Clever Canvas. Pitch: "Turn any picture into a professional canvas print." Marketer: Telebrands. Comments: Based on the quality of the commercial, this is one of those "throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks" tests. I think it will slide off. As for the item, I'm on the fence. It doesn't solve a problem, but the end result has certainly proven its appeal in the marketplace. [a]
  3. FabriClear. Pitch: "Kill bedbugs on contact with safe, non-toxic spray." Comments: In general, I don't think it's possible to turn media hype into sales if an item doesn't meet the criteria for DRTV. All attempts to capitalize on the Swine Flu scare, for example, failed. I see bed bug products going the same way. The arguments are either prevention or "selling the invisible" -- that is, trying to convince people they have a problem they can't see. [a]
  4. Floral Imposters. Pitch: "Beautiful flowers in your garden with none of the work." Marketer: Telebrands. Comments: Another flyer. Not quite sure what to make of it, in fact. I don't understand the rationale. [a]
  5. Paw Power. Pitch: "Everything you need to safely walk the dog, all in one." Comments: Too many problems with this one to cover in a short post, but leashes in general are a tough sell on DRTV. I've seen many over the years, but none have ever gone anywhere. I do like the bonus, though. [a]
  6. Slant Pan. Pitch: "Get the fat out, leave the flavor in." Marketer: Telebrands. Comments: P.T. Barnum would have loved this one: It's designed for his favorite type of customer! Going back to my "see if it sticks" comment, I predict this one will slide faster than greasy ground beef in a slanted pan! [a]
  7. Spy Light. Pitch: "The ultimate solution for finding hidden contagions before they find you." Comments: Only hard-core germaphobes or CSI addicts would even consider buying this product. It made sense as a bonus for Urine Gone, but there's no case for making it a lead item. [a]


  1. Why is it that nobody ever reports using FabriClear? All reports, todate, only report people with paranoias that are afraid of getting bed bugs. Nobody has ever reported havibg bed bugs or successfully using the product to rid themselves of them.

    I have read many forums and product blogs and they are all slippery about this product so far.

    How can a product kill animals without being toxic to humans?

    1. I also went through eight pages of links on Yahoo and none of them were scientific reviews by a University, Consumer Reports or some other reputable testing agency. I won't use this stuff until I see some good testing on effectiveness and safety.