September 16, 2010

Review: Mouse Chaser

Description: Electronic cat toy
Main Pitch: "A battery-operated fun house that will keep your cat busy for hours"
Main Offer: $19.95 for one
Bonus: Three Skinneeez Critters (just pay S&P)
Starring: Miranda Khan
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

There's only room for one? Maybe. This time the "one" is a "pet" project of mine, Allstar's Emery Cat, so I'm a little biased. This product is different, but it's different in the wrong direction.

The thing about Emery Cat is the fun is secondary to the problem/solution. The primary pitch is it solves a problem for the owner ("a cat's natural urge to scratch can rip up your whole house") and for the cat ("clippers cut too close to the sensitive inner tissue and nerves, causing pain"). Only later is the "playful kitty toy" mentioned.

In this case, that pitch is reversed. This spot is all about how the motion-sensitive electronic mouse will entertain a cat for hours. They throw in a few hints about why that's important (e.g. "a happy kitty is a good kitty"), but it isn't until almost a minute in that we get, "No more ripped drapes."

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