August 06, 2007

90 Days Later: Huggable Hangers, Freshini, One Touch Marinator and More

Once again, I am revisiting my DRTV predictions from 90 days ago. Counting backward, that puts us in the week ending May 11. Here’s a quick recap of what I wrote, what I predicted and how that prediction stacks up against the latest IMS and Jordan Whitney reports …

  1. TRAX SCOOTER (, a personal transport vehicle that positions itself as a competitor to the Segway. I predicted it wouldn’t make it because it was $300 and because “the Segway, a much cooler vehicle with tons of positive PR, failed.” Today, it does not appear on either list.
  2. HUGGABLE HANGERS (, velvet clothes hangers that increase closet space and prevent "shoulder bumps," pitched by HSN’s Joy Mangano.
    I wrote, “This is a proven winner on HSN. But will it translate into a short-form DRTV winner? I don't know the answer, but this is an excellent case study. If anyone can succeed, Joy can.” I added: “[T]he item gets high marks from me. The only potential weakness I see is the uniqueness of the product. It's somewhat different (thin velvet as opposed to thick wood or plastic), but nothing earth-shattering.” Today, the item is #30 on the Jordan Whitney list but does not appear on the IMS list.
  3. DR. FOOT (, a foot-repair kit consisting of a cream, a spray and a pedicure lotion. I wrote that it was unlikely to succeed because “Ontel's Miracle Foot Repair, the hit that this product is trying to copy, was a retail hit not a DRTV hit.” Today, it does not appear on either list.
  4. FRESHINI, a food-storage container with a locking lid that claims to keep things fresh up to four-times longer than a regular container. I predicted it would fail simply because several other variations of the idea had failed, and it isn’t on either list.
  5. SABRR MARK & CUT (, a measuring tape, utility knife, straight edge, compass and marker all in one. I wrote that it was too difficult to understand and that the offer was weak. Today, it isn’t on either list.
  6. BATTLE MAX (, a safer paintball product for kids. I wrote that it is a “great idea” being marketed in the “wrong channel.” Today, it isn’t on either list.
  7. ONE TOUCH MARINATOR, a manual device that uses vacuum pressure to marinate meat instantly. I thought it could work if it weren’t for “one weakness” that “could be a killer: The product is very difficult to explain.” Today, it isn’t on either list.
So far, my batting average is excellent! The one product I thought could work – Joy Mangano’s “Huggable Hangers” – appears on the JW list 90 days later. (Of course, I only consider something a verified hit if it appears on both lists and stays there, since neither the JW nor the IMS list is completely accurate.) To be fair, however, there wasn't much risk in the prediction, seeing as how Joy's hangers have been a big hit on HSN.

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