February 25, 2016

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Body Collar. Pitch: "Turns your tug of war into a walk in the park." Comments: This project reminds me of Media Enterprises' Instant Trainer, which didn't roll out. Leashes and harnesses have a terrible track record on DRTV. The only bright spot was Telebrand's Comfy Control, which made the Jordan Whitney annual in 2011 but not the IMS annual for that year. [ss]
  3. Snap-Hooks. Pitch: "Like having an extra hand right when you need it most." Comments: Amateur hour. Although there are some interesting elements (e.g. the Baggler demo), this item is too common to have made it past the evaluation phase. [ss]
  5. Stack Magic. Pitch: "Your new secret to keep clothes folded, stacked and super neat." Comments: This concept was tried in 2007 under the name Wardrobe Wonders. One fail isn't enough to abandon an idea in my book, but the knowledge that this sort of hyper-organization tool would only appeal to a small percentage of the population is. [ss]

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