February 26, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Aqua Chirps. Marketer: Allstar. Producer: Blue Moon Studios. Pitch: "The genuine glass bird that waters your plants for you." Comments: I am too close to this one to comment, but I can give the DR history. Allstar's Aqua Globes was a 2008 hit. A revival of the concept by the same marketer called Canterbury Crystal Globes didn't go in late 2013. Allstar also tried Little Birdie in March 2013. This project is a combination of concepts. (Side note: Blue Moon Studios has produced every commercial cited above.) [ss]
  3. Inject N Clean. Marketer: Hampton Direct. Pitch: "The fast and easy way to sanitize and clean under the carpet." Comments: This site is down, so it's either a monster hit or a 'fast fail.' My money is on the latter. [ss]
  5. Bend N' Bake. Marketer: Will It Launch? Pitch: "Bakes all cakes in all shapes." Comments: No, it probably won't launch because it has been tried twice before without success. (See No. 4 in this Weekly Round-Up and No. 5 in this Weekly Round-Up). In DR, the third time is rarely the charm. [ss]
  7. My Lil' Warmers. Pitch: "The reusable warming packs that provide instant warmth and relief." Comments: Been there, done that. I always liked the magic, but it wasn't enough to get consumers off the couch. [ss]
  9. Phone Sling. Pitch: "Never has it been so easy to hold, view and control your phone." Comments: Never has there been so many bombs of the same type. Beware the Siren! [ss]

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