January 22, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

For that sexy welder look

  1. illuMask. Pitch: "Acne free skin at the push of a button." Comments: I don't normally review items like this since the business model is not traditional DR. But I couldn't resist posting this one for the novelty and entertainment value! [ss]
  3. Card Hawk. Marketer: Telebrands. Pitch: "Like a portable bank vault for your cards." Comments: This is Card Lock under a different name, and the third time Telebrands is testing this item. It's actually the fourth time the item has been tried if you count IdeaVillage's Credit Safe. There must be some reason for all the attention. [ss]
  5. Flip-It!. Pitch: "Get every drop you pay for." Comments: I've seen dozens of these over the years. So much time and money wasted on a minor annoyance and minuscule savings! This product is especially not needed now that many of the bottles mentioned are designed to stand on their heads. [ss]
  7. Hot Hula Fitness. Pitch: "Core focused, low impact and never, ever boring." Comments: Polynesian dance fitness? Why not? Everything else has been tried. [ss]
  9. One Back. Pitch: "Clinically proven to stop the pain almost instantly." Comments: With BeActive sitting high on the charts for the last four months or so, expect more back-pain products like this one to start popping up. I think it's risky business given the scrutiny anything with pain claims will be given, but the demand is obvious and attractive. [ss]

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