August 05, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

  1. Go Green Drain Opener. Pitch: "Emulsifies, liquefies and dissolves the clog in seconds but won't harm your pipes." Comments: An apparent 'fast fail.' (Link goes to spot.) I explored "green" as a marketing ploy a few years ago (see this post and this one). The trend is now post-peak but also more mass market these days. However, the environmental impact of clog-busters is likely quite low on people's list of 'eco concerns.' As for the creative, it features a solid magic demo, and the scriptwriter wisely focused on speed and efficacy as primary selling points. I am also liking the new pitchman Tristar is using. [ss]
  3. Cramp 911. Pitch: "Stop shooting pain caused by muscle cramps and spasms faster than ever." Comments: Only a chronic cramp sufferer would buy this (otherwise it's prevention), and that market is likely too small of a niche to target effectively with DRTV. Also: This is one of those cases where success, if it came, would probably not be a blessing. Experience has taught me that this category is not for amateurs. The claims-substantiation process and regulatory hurdles are formidable. [ss]
  5. Hand Defender. Pitch: "The world's best liquid gloves." Comments: Not sure what's happening with their Web site, but you can watch the spot here. In any case, I don't think anyone besides a mechanic needs a product like this. The commercial also does a poor job of proving the product works. Prediction: Bomb. [ss]
  7. Kahuna Grip. Producer: Monte-Brooks. Pitch: "The sure-footed solution that makes any tub safer." Comments: If not for Aqua Rug (a 2013 True Top Spender), I would have declared bath mats a "bad category" long ago. That said, so far it is an outlier. Aqua Rug also had several points of difference superior to this mat. The 'no slip' pitch alone hasn't worked in DR (see No Slip spray and the No Slip Mat), probably because the category is so crowded at retail. [ss]
  9. Quiet Closer. Pitch: "Keeps doors quiet so kids sleep tight and you rest easy." Comments: This is a great example of why market size is such an important criterion when selecting products for DRTV. Because we use national cable media to advertise our products, we must pick products with the widest possible appeal to prevent wasting our media dollars. You wouldn't use a shotgun to kill a fly. But if you think about the small percentage of cable viewers who have a child young enough for this product to be appealing (the fly), using a shotgun is exactly what this project is attempting to do. On top of that, DRTV-responsive buyers skew older (more grandparents than parents), and the problem solved is quite narrow and low on the scale. [ss]
  11. Rapid Ramen. Pitch: "The world's fastest and easiest way to cook ramen noodles." Comments: When I think of things that take a long time and are a real drag on people's time, cooking ramen noodles doesn't even make the list. I'm pretty sure you can still buy disposable cups of ramen noodles to which you just add boiling water. If that's too slow for you, you may want to lay off the caffeine! Also: My impression is that most ramen noodles of this type are consumed by college kids. Not exactly the DR market. [ss]
  13. Snake Bit. Pitch: "The driver extender that snakes its way around corners and fits in tight spaces with ease." Comments: The DuraPRO Snake Driver is an 'old gold' item from 1999 (No. 66 on the JW Annual that year). Although it is still being sold, it might make sense to bring it back. However, tools are tough for our industry these days, particularly at retail. Unless this really captures people's attention, it is unlikely to succeed. [ss]

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