November 25, 2012

No Slip

Description: An anti-slip spray
Main Pitch: "Literally turns your home into a no-slip zone"
Main Offer: $19.95 for a jumbo can
Bonus: Double the order (just pay P&H)
Starring: The ubiquitous Marc Gill
Marketer: Harvest Direct
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

Phil Swift did something that was once thought to be impossible: He took a 'chemical in a can' and made it into a huge DRTV hit. Before Flex Seal (No. 1 on my True Top 50 of 2011), there were only negative case studies. The question everyone has been asking since then: Was it a fluke? Or did Mr. Swift discover something we can learn from?

My answer: Apparently it was a fluke. For my evidence I turn to ... Phil Swift. Since Flex Seal, Mr. Swift has tried three other chemicals in a can -- Blast Off, Foamazing and Slick Fix (amusingly, the opposite of this product) -- none of which seem to have gone anywhere. In fact, the only successful item he's had since Flex Seal is ... Flex Seal in white. It seems there was a good reason for the common widsom.

Getting to this product, that's the major problem I see with it. I also think this is a prevention item that will only appeal to super-cautious seniors, and history has shown there aren't enough such people to sustain a DRTV campaign.

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