May 08, 2012

Review: Foamazing

Description: A foaming cleaner
Main Pitch: "Power blast cuts grime fast"
Main Offer: $19.95 for a can
Bonus: 2nd can and 50 wipes (just pay processing)
Starring: Phil Swift
Prediction: On the fence

Mr. Swift's business model has come into focus: He likes continuity items that come in a can. The problem is that few items that come in a can are viable for DRTV (for the myriad, mostly back-end reasons I've blogged about before).

More to the point, few continuity items lend themselves to buying in bulk the way Flex Seal does. If you are sealing your roof, then you are going to need to a lot of product. But de-icing your windshield? That's not a 'bulk buy' project. Still, this product is positioned in a way that could lend itself to a bulk buy, and I thought the demos were really cool. There may just be enough 'wow factor' here to deliver some workable numbers.

A larger issue is the category problem. Mr. Swift was first in the mind (HT: Ries & Trout) in a mass-market category with Flex Seal . With Blast Off, he was (at least) second in the mind in a seasonal category. And with this product? Tenth in the mind would be generous. It's a very crowded category. It will be hard to break through with so much clutter.

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